Team Building Experience

Working with teams of all sizes to promoteĀ greater self-awareness and understanding.

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Powerful Assessments

Participants will take the CPS Enneagram Compass assessment 10 days prior to the Team Building Experience. Each participant will then receive a 20-page report describing the strengths and challenges of their type.

Insightful Teaching

The Enneagram is a rich and nuanced system of personality. Teaching is presented in bite-sized chunks so that participants can clearly understand each type.

InteractiveĀ Dialogue

Adults learn best through discussion. Participants are invited to share their experience of the type in a safe and constructive environment. By the end of the training, everyone will understand the types as embodied by their teammates.

Gerram Matthews

Regional Vice President of Growth, Privia Health

"The Enneagram is a great tool for understanding ourselves, but Jimā€™s training takes that internal focus and flips it into an invaluable resource for understanding those around us. This results in a clarity in communication and teamwork that Iā€™ve never seen in a corporate environment."

Kendra Gensemer

Kendra Gensemer

Content Marketing Manager, Sunlighten Saunas

"Our team has appreciated learning more about each other through the Story Enneagram lens. We greatly value how it has helped us work better together and create a culture of respect and compassion. Jim asks questions that evoke insightful conversation that help us make sense of each other in our work environment."

Paul Spears

Owner, Stand Structural Engineering, Inc.

"The individual reports that each person received were thorough and a great starting place for additional conversation. Jim is excellent at drawing people out and facilitating dialogue that strengthens group cohesiveness.Ā  I have honestly not met many people who are so skilled at leading groups. We love the Enneagram and Jim is the best I know at leading people in learning about it."

What is Team Building?

Team Building is a facilitation of an experience to discover the personality types and patterns that are present in the team members.

No one personality type is better than another and each person typically brings their strengths to their role in the team.

The goal of the Team Building experience is fourfold. Team members willā€¦

  • Grow in self awareness by understanding their Enneagram type.
  • Understand how their Enneagram type affects others on the team.
  • Discover the Enneagram types of other team members.
  • Consider how other team members' Enneagram types affect them.

Differences in Enneagram types can explain predictable interpersonal conflicts such as assertiveness, attention to detail, and outlook.

Knowledge of the Enneagram offers a team greater productivity and communication by relying upon each typeā€™s strengths. With understanding, challenges become less personal and are seen as a difference in style.

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