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Discover what the Enneagram can do for you

Enneagram Coaching and Training to Discover Your Type, Improve Your Relationships & Experience Transformative Growth

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The Enneagram can be overwhelming. Make it simple by learning one Type at a time in guided lessons.


You are MORE than your Type. Learn the subtypes, wings, arrows, and instinctual centers to understand the entire Enneagram.


Go from patterns to presence and experience greater self-awareness, deeper relationships and transformative growth.

Get Out of Your Rut

Discover your true self and find your own path for personal growth and happiness.

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Have you ever read about the Enneagram, or taken an online quiz, and felt more confused than you were before? Don't worry, we've been there, too. With in-depth panel style videos, you get to not only learn about the different types, but actually experience what they are like... how they think, feel and act. By exploring the Enneagram through real people, you'll gain insight about yourself and others in your life.


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"The breaking point for me was realizing the difference between what was going on outside of myself versus inside of myself."

Type 6

"I realized that everything that I do is motivated by avoiding painful things."

Type 7

"I've learned to just open myself up and be a real person as opposed to masking - hiding behind walls trying to cultivate an image that I think someone else will want to have an acceptable me."

Type 3

"I'm going to appreciate exactly where I am and what is happening in this moment, which doesn't come naturally to me."

Type 4

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram) is an ancient tool that describes nine distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting in the world. Without even noticing, these nine patterns of being influence our life, our love, and our work. Through these online courses and understanding the Enneagram, we have the opportunity to move from predictable patterns toward a more full and present life.

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Meet Your Instructor

Jim Gum is a pastor, teacher, and coach based in Kansas City. He knows firsthand how easy it is to "fall asleep to your own life", and how important it is to "wake up" to yourself and others around you.

Jim is a certified teacher of the Narrative Enneagram, an accredited practitioner of the iEQ9 assessment, and currently finishing his certification in the Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy. Since learning about the Enneagram in 1991 he has been passionately committed to sharing it as a tool to help individuals and groups write a brand new story... a story of self-compassion, restored relationships and immense personal and spiritual growth. 


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